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Frequently Asked Questions


How long do orders take to be delivered?
Orders are almost always processed and shipped within 3-5 days via tracked mail and discreet boxing. Please allow up to 14 business days after order is placed for processing and shipping.

What states do you ship to?
All 50 and not currently internationally at the moment

How do I place an order?
Simply go to the varietal you would like, select the pack size/quantity, then use the cart to check out. We will then reply and finalize the order

What kind of deals are available?

See the home page for any deals or specials.

What medium do you recommend growing in?
Recommend organic soil and all varietals were grown, selected, and bred in organic soil

Do you recommend any training or topping?

We never recommend topping or fimming for any autos. We recommend that LST (low stress training) be used instead. For photoperiod plants, we recommend topping or fimming as frequently as possible used in conjunction with low stress training.

What gallon pot should I grow my auto flowers in?

Depending on space, a grower may want to use anywhere from a 1 gallon to 7 gallon indoors. 1 gallons yielding the lowest per plant, and 7 gallons yielding the highest per plant with 5 gallon being the most commonly used.