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Germ Instructions

Always Use The Simple Germ Technique To Pop Our Seeds:

Step 1: Soak in a simple chemical bath: H2O2(hydrogen peroxide) and water 1:1 ratio. Soak in this first in a space where ambient heat is about 80 degrees overnight(12-16 hours). Do not place them directly on a heating mat as they have hot spots and are notorious for spiking in temps over 100 degrees and toast your seeds. Cover them, no light except when you check on them this can be done in a shallow ramekin(seeds should not be submerged) or flip top lab vial(preferred) that the seeds come in. After the pre-soak/chemical scarification is up many seeds should be popping or at least softened and getting ready to pop.

From here Place them into Lightly misted paper towels, do not soak or saturate the paper towels, just 3 sprays from a mister bottle with PH 6-6.5 water, then fold, then 3 sprays then fold then place seeds in and spray 2-3 more times over seeds then place in a tupperware or plastic baggie in a room where ambient heat is 75-80 degrees until they get tap roots about 3/4 of an inch longer.

Then you can place in soil 1/4-1/2 inches under the soil then backfill lightly(do not pack down) and water with PH 6-6.5 water with Mykos or great white etc…then place a humidity dome over each seed site(small clear cup works fine)  or you can cover the soil with the plastic baggie you used to germ them in.