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Black Label Cookies 4


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Black Label Cookies II x Black Strap
The Black Label Cookies II is the grandparent to the Black Strap. We thought it the most appropriate to take the line a step further backwards towards the cookies side. The smell and taste of sour citrus punch, candy straws and lemon filled jelly doughnuts/cake/cookies will fill your grow space, as it matures the gas pine/menthol cleaner start to become pleasant undertones that add a bit of punch to the nostrils. Much like a fruity adult beverage be careful with this cross. She’s sweet gassy and tasty in the mouth sour and Citrusy on the exhale with a sweet donut like aftertaste in the mouth. Her effects are not subtle. While balanced you’ll feel in a daze on autopilot just daydreaming while unaware you’re still moving throughout your day. Also a great all around smoke to share with loved ones. The structure of this cross is something to mention as the Blackstrap really added some girth to not only the frame but the flowers, which were not small to begin with as well.
Beautifully speckled with purple and lime green hues underneath, she shines like emeralds, amethysts and diamonds under your lights. Yet another potential cup winner here

Phenos: Balanced hybrid

Flower Time: 75 – 90 Days from sprout

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