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Black Strap 1:1


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Very Berry CBD x Black Strap
For those seeking a bit of added medical value to their grow this cross is for you. VBCBD is an amazing 1:1 that really hits home when in pain or having a hard time sleeping. Also the best all around anti-anxiety/depression day or nighttime auto we offer. By adding the Black Strap we increased THC and yield considerably, while still maintaining the benefits of CBD. Expect 1:2, 1:1 and 2:1 phenos to predominate this mixed chemotype varietal.
The mixed berry fruit salad and syrup with sour gas exhales! She tends to grow average height and stacked with chunky purple golf ball size buds.  Don’t let the fact there is some CBD present turn you away from this amazing medicinal powerhouse creation, the balanced nature will have you moving like you never have before. Anti-inflammatory meds! Great for a workout recovery or after a hard days work or even if you’re struggling to just get out of bed. The finest mixed chemotype auto we’ve ever created.
These will produce 1:1, 2:1 and 1:2 phenos with high frequency.1:1 Phenos will be:
13-15%THC : 13-15%CBD A true therapeutic powerhouse!

2:1 Phenos will be:
18-21%THC : 6-7%CBD

1:2 Phenos will be:
6-7%THC : 18-21%CBD

Flower Time: 75 – 90 Days from sprout

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