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Crazy Strapped Kush


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Inzane in the Membrane(Ethos) x Black Strap
There are three things that really stand out with this cross: Her structure and yield, her complex terpenes and her therapeutic efficacy.  Lets start with structure: This plant produces softball size buds dripping and coated in trichomes that are easy to trim due to her sparse narrow leaf to calyx ratio. Expect heavy grapefruit, pomelo, lemon gas mixed with funky rotten berries almost the entire time she flowers(coming on really strong the last 4 weeks.) The citrus funk really comes out in the mouth, great sesquiterpene content. This cultivar is highly stimulating even with the Black Strap to bring her more into balance she is still a bit of a rush so be careful.  Great for early mornings or before a workout. As you can tell from just day 50 in the photo: She’s a FROST MACHINE!


Balanced to NLD/Sativa leaning hybrid

Flower Time: 75 – 90 Days from sprout

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