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Dante’s Inferno


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Dark Devil x Black Strap
Think diesel, then add fermented fruit, then mix in a bit of cherries, top it off with a hint of pine and vape-o-rub and you’ve got a hell of a fiery combination of terpenes in this hybrid. The Dark Devil structure was lanky and lacked support in its frame but she carried some chunky nugs.  Bringing the blackstrap in the mix did wonders adding structure and rigidity to her frame allowing it to really stack up proper.
The Dark Devil did reenforce for more resin production genetics(if that’s possible) and brought a very pleasant combination of terpenes to the table. When put together these two cultivars create a very well balanced experience from start to finish great anytime of the day.

Phenos: Balanced hybrid

Flower Time: 75 – 90 Days from sprout

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