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Return Of The Jedi


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Dark Jedi (Breeder’s Reserve) x Dark Jedi (Breeder’s Reserve)
The return of legendary Dark Jedi. I took the Breeders Reserve of The Legendary Dark Jedi and hunted the darkest best yielding phenos and put them together in one absolutely stunning genetic package. The breeders reserve marks the frostiest and most unique Terps found in this line by me. You will find: BlackBerry, currant, merlot, menthol, cough syrup against a backdrop of earthy musty funky skunky fuel. This is the base of the brand new limited edition Dark Jedi Line!

Phenos: Balanced Hybrid – Indica Leaning Autoflower

Flower Time: 75 – 90 Days from sprout

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10 Pack, 3 Pack, 5 Pack, 6 Pack