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Tropic of Loud (Breeder’s Stock)


Tropic Of Loud

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Who’s ready for some old school loud pack funk!

Mid 90’s Bag Seed x Tropic Of Censer(Purple Cut)

The original bag these came out of in ’95 was some absolutely skunky fruity amazingly greasy flower! I had no way of verifying lineage or what the genetics were in any way as this was just great bag weed that came to me with only about a dozen seeds in the ounce. These have been held back for use in my projects until now…I’m willing to let 7 packs of this fire cross out of the gate! When they’re gone, they’re gone!

Profile: Loud Skunky Notes Ranging From Deep Body Odor, To An Earthy Skunk That Can Be Smelled From Many Feet Away! There are also notes of citrus, burnt grain and alot of grease on these!!! Real resin factories coming out of these. Effects Are A Heavy Stoney Vice That Settles Into Laughter & Sociable Energy.

Indica(BLD) Leaning Hybrid.

8-9 Weeks Flower Time.

Fair Warning: Select phenos of this have been known to overpower carbon filters!
Not for those trying to grow stealthy!

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10 Pack, 3 Pack, 5 Pack, 6 Pack