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Black Strap R1


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Black Strap x Black Strap
This collaboration with Gnome genetics resulted in an absolute powerhouse of an auto; a true living legend.  Her structure makes her great in an SOG set up packed together or start her in a 5-7 gallon and watch her explode with basic training! Her structure is solid and imposing. Outdoors these things can BLOW UP like jack and the beanstalk: Expect 6ft+ plants with frequency. Once her flowers start to set in the real show starts. When selecting the pollinators we specifically were selecting for yield, colorful aesthetics sensational terpenes and resin production. The dense purple, and deep purple to black bracts swell with trichomes when they are forming, as the flowers ripen you’ll notice the buds start to glisten as if they are seeping oil and covered in ice.  The sticky oily heads wreak of Blackberry syrup/Jam and gas with notes of chocolate and leather some phenos produced a more floral, menthol off-gassing profile resulting in a flavor very similar to mixing traditional and berry NyQuil cough syrup. With plenty of flavors to enjoy a run of this tantalizing hybrid is great for a movie night and chill or party time with friends.
Extremely enjoyable and thus extremely versatile. Can even be enjoyed throughout the day without sacrificing much productivity, it will finish off mildly sedative which has also been noted by growers as great for daytime anti-anxiety! The next generation of Black Strap is an all around winner!

Phenos: Balanced hybrid

Flower Time: 75 – 90 Days from sprout

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10 Pack, 3 Pack, 5 Pack, 6 Pack