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Cherry Pie S1


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Lineage: Cherry Pie x Cherry Pie

Flower Type: Photoperiod

Gender: Feminized

Maturation: 8-9 Weeks

Cultivar Type: Balanced Hybrid

Mendel Is Offering For The First Time Ever…The Legendary Cherry Pie: This is the strain that gave birth to greats such as Animal Cookies, GSC and OGKB among their now thousands of ever popular cousins! She imparts unmatched density on everything she touches along with a signature bump in resin/trichome production as well. She is dominated in the nose by earthy funky/skunky loudness. The S1 is showing some really great phenos that have collectors excited. This line is ultra limited release at only 25, 6packs being released.

These are extremely rare and a very important preservation for the community to be held responsibly by those who have them for future generations. Get yours now!

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