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Lineage: Heirloom Bubble Gum x Tropic Of Censer(Mendel’s Cut)

Limited Release Info: Only 12 packs are being released!

Originally intended as breeding stock only, this sesquiterpene powerhouse brings together the most medicinal cut of TOC with the classic juicy terp dripping Heirloom Bubble Gum for an absolute TERPALICIOUS delight! Expect heavy Bubble Gum, Candy, Fruit Snacky terps, accompanied by Skunky AF Loud Musk with hints of OG & Chem Notes that amplify everything else in the terp package making this some serious LOUD that will need an oversized carbon filter for sure!

Flower Time: 8.5-9.5 Weeks

Gender: Feminized

Type: Photoperiod

This match made in heaven produced seeds that are large with thick hulls, so a 24 hour presoak in warm solution of 1:1 H2O2 to H2O is required in the germination process prior to putting in paper towels or in moist soil etc. In order to get optimal germination rates. In our germination test we saw 70-80% Germination rates on these as they are THICK. Let me assure you: They are totally worth it for this extremely unique and LOUD terp profile. So out of a 10 pack, expect 7+ seeds to grow to completion.

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